About Margaret

After earning a master’s degree in international business from the University of South Carolina, Margaret McSweeney worked in New York City at a large bank, where she was a vice president. She is host of Kitchen Chat a podcast on which she interviews chefs, cookbook authors and people in the food industry.  Margaret is a published author/co-author of five books, A Mother’s Heart Knows (Thomas Nelson, 2005), Go Back and Be Happy (Lion Hudson 2008), Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit. Experiencing Grace. (Moody Publishers 2009), Mother of Pearl (Inspiring Voices 2012) and Aftermath: Growing in Grace Through Grief (New Hope Publishers 2012). She writes free lance articles for www.makeitbetter.net ezine. Charity and community involvement are very important to Margaret.  She serves on the leadership advisory board for WINGS (Women in Need Growing Stronger) www.wingsprogram.com. She is founder of Pearl Girls™ whose mission is to connect and collaborate for charity.  Margaret and her husband David live in the Chicago suburbs and are parents to two daughters.

Margaret’s father played a very important role in her life, please read Margaret’s guest post on Mike Hyatt’s blog: 12 Strategies for Leadership Success. Margaret says, “I love this article because it’s not just about leadership and success – but about what a truly great man my dad was and what a huge impact he’s had on my life.”

Inspiration Behind Pearl Girls

With His love and grace, God covered the unexpected pain in my life of becoming an adult orphan and transformed this pain into a pearl. We are all Pearl Girls.™ Each of us has been touched by God’s gift of love and grace, and it’s a gift that I want to share with others. That’s why I am launching Pearl Girls™.

Actually, my very first gift from my parents was a pearl. The gift of my name. Margaret means “precious pearl.” So perhaps this is what I was always supposed to do. My heart’s prayer is that Pearl Girls™ will be a blessing to others – to the women who contribute their literary talent to the Pearl Girls™ projects; to the readers who are inspired and comforted by the life experiences shared through these projects and to the women and children who will benefit from the proceeds given by Pearl Girls™ to various charities. This is a win-win for everyone, and each of us has a special part in making the Pearl Girls™ projects “blessed sellers.”

After the first Pearl Girls™ tea in Atlanta, I went to my brother, Claude’s home to help sort through our parents’ boxes in his basement. It was an emotional experience and tedious process to discover what was in each box, to decide what to do with each item and to discard those belongings which we needed to let go. After several long hours of sorting, I received an incredible hug from heaven – a confirmation that Pearl Girls™ is something that is meant to be. I discovered a three strand necklace of painted pearls belonging to my grandmother from the early 1900s! Isn’t that amazing?.

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